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Yelp Update :-) - Thank you Marc!!

 Have to take the time to write an additional review for Patrick.  Mom accidentally ran into the garage door the other day, buckling the bottom panel.  Called Patrick to come out and take a look.  He warned me this garage door was discontinued but he thought he might have some extra panels in stock.
When Patrick came over, he measured the garage door panel and, of course, it was the size he didn't have in stock.  I immediately started sweating, thinking the only option was to replace the whole thing.
BUT, being the creative guy that he is, Patrick came up with the idea to "bolt" the panel back together so the garage door would work and I wouldn't have to put out $1,100 for a brand new door.  He even figured out how he could attach a handle to disguise the big bolt he put through the door.  Genius!
The garage door is now working perfectly and looks great!
Thanks, again, Patrick!
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