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Yelp Review - Thank you Luanne!!! :-)

I shopped a few companies for a wood-look carriage garage door and new opener. Patrick was by far the most responsive, and eager to provide a quality product that not only met our needs but kept it within our budget. He was wiling to let us provide the opener and just charge a reasonable fee to install it. He directed me to the manufacturer suppliers of the three makers of this type of door in Portland so I could go to each and look at the doors and hardware to make a decision about which brand would be my preference. I liked the door of one brand and the hardware of another. Patrick was happy to accommodate my preference. He special ordered the combination of door and hardware I wanted. Then his technician Billy arrived to install it just a few weeks later. Billy did an outstanding job of installing the door, setting the laser site on the opener, programming the controls, consulting with me on the location of the hardware and then did a perfect job of cleaning up at the end. He was extremely pleasant to work with and took pride in his work.
I highly recommend this company!
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